Toddler Books and Stories - Rest and Relaxation for Your Child

It is vital to read toddler books to your child and tell them stories. It will create a special bond between you and your toddler.

There is something about listening to stories and being read to which appeals to children and adults alike. I think it goes back to ancient times when stories were the way that traditions and information were passed on through generations of people. For small children, stories are totally engrossing. If you watch a small child being read to, they become completely involved in the story and entranced by the pictures.

Reading to your child is a warm and relaxing activity. A bedtime story is a lovely ritual which can carry on throughout childhood (and even into early adulthood). It helps your child to settle at bedtime – and for a daytime nap. It increases the closeness between the two of you. It gives your child an opportunity to understand how other people and creatures feel and behave.

From very early on you can start taking your child to the library and choosing toddler books together. When you begin to see what kind of books your child really likes, then it is worth buying some of those books because you will find that your child will want the stories they really like read over and over again.

When my son was small, I used to make up stories for him. We invented a whole world around a young boy and his pet wolf and my son would ask me to tell him about these two characters for years. I was surprised how easy it was to keep finding different stories to tell. Once I started a story it seemed almost to take over and tell itself. It gave us both lots of enjoyment and brought us very close to each other.

A wonderful resource if you want to learn to tell stories to your children is: . This website provides loads of information about storytelling, stories, courses, workshops and other resources.

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