Signs and Symptoms of Stress

The list of the signs and symptoms of stress given below will help you to find out if you are suffering from stress. If you are experiencing two or more symptoms from the groups below, then the chances are that you are over stressed and need to take some action to help yourself.

Physical Signs of Stress

Biting your nails

Grinding your teeth

Hunching your shoulders

Picking your skin

Tapping your fingers or your feet, jiggling your knees

Fiddling with your hair

In fact any behaviour which you do unconsciously most of the time but when you become aware of it you realise is making you feel uncomfortable, tense or is causing you pain, is associated with being stressed. 

Emotional Signs of Stress

Feeling anxious much of the time

Feeleings of depression that last longer than a day or two

Getting angry over little things

Feelings of helplessness

Feeling irritable and impatient

Feeling restless and unsettled

Feeling out of control of your behaviour and/or your life

Losing your sense of humour

Feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope

Feeling tearful and crying for no reason

Behavioural Signs of Stress

Your sleeping has been disturbed for some time

You experience uncontrolled emotional outbursts

You feel aggressive and sometimes act aggressively

You try to do lots of things at once and don't get any of them finished

You overreact when things go wrong or easily interpret what is said to you as criticism

You find yourself talking too fast and/or too loud

You frequently don't hear what people say to you because you are so preoccupied with what is going on in your mind.

Everyone experiences some of these stress symptoms from time to time. However, if you start experiencing several of these symptoms more frequently, you need to take action to reduce your stress before it gets out of control. Using the many stress reduction tips and techniques available on this site will help you to keep your stress under control. They can also help to prevent the many illnesses associated with stress.

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