Stressfree Babies

Stress is not something that many of us associate with babies. Having stressfree babies is important for a relaxed family life. We search on the internet for baby names and baby gifts but not for how to have a relaxed baby. Babies certainly do experience stress. A screaming baby is in an extreme state of stress and we experience stress just listening to her. As parents, we will do whatever we can to stop our babies from crying.

What a young baby wants is to feel safe, have a full tummy and be comfortable. When these needs are met babies are relaxed and happy. When one, or all, of them are not being met, a baby will be unhappy, restless and stressed.

There are many things that modern society encourages you to do to meet your baby’s needs. Some of these your baby would agree with, others she would not agree with at all! The biological programming of human babies goes back to prehistoric times and has not changed a great deal since then. A baby expects to be carried, to be breastfed and to sleep with her parents. Ancient tribal people would not have left their babies alone at any time because the baby would have been at risk of becoming a nice meal for some large, prehistoric predator. Also, ancient peoples had no choice but to breastfeed their babies. Breastfeeding is what a baby expects and it helps her to relax.

So, although your baby has been born into modern society, she still has the same basic needs that babies of prehistoric parents would have had. Babies don’t care if they have a nicely decorated and beautifully fitted out nursery. They couldn’t care less about cots, pushchairs, baby seats and all the other equipment new parents are encouraged to buy. They are not the slightest bit interested in the different kinds of formula developed to provide them with ‘perfect’ nutrition.

The things that will make your baby happy (and you, because you’ll have a more content baby) are:

• to be carried close to you in a sling

• to sleep close to you in a family bed

• to be breastfed.

Three very simple needs, which are easy and inexpensive to meet. Three easy ways to have stressfree babies.

The costs of raising a baby

Did you know that the average amount spent on buying equipment for a new baby is $900(£550): nursery decoration $65(£40) - $130(£80), cot $130(£80) - $325(£200), baby buggy $250(£150)-$650(£400), baby monitor $100(£60).  Obviously a good car seat is going to be a necessity however you choose to raise your baby but buying a good sling w eliminates the need for all the other equipment mentioned above and

Buying a good sling will cost you about $65(£40) and eliminates the need for all the other equipment mentioned above.  Obviously a good car seat will be a necessity whichever method you choose for raising your baby.

If you breastfeed, the extra you might need to spend on food is around $10-$20(£8-12) per week, plus about $100(£60) for nursing bras. If you bottlefeed, you would spend about $2700(£1700) in the first year on baby milk formula and bottles. So breastfeeding is a lot cheaper and so much better for your baby.

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