Effective Stress Relief Techniques for You and Your Family

There are many stress relief techniques available these days. If you do enough research you are bound to find an exercise or technique that will help you. The aim of this page is to give you an overview of some of the techniques available, how they work and how effective they are. Among the more well known techniques you will also find some quite unusual ones listed here.

The Emotional Freedom Technique

is incredibly effective for relieving stress. It is very helpful for all kinds of stress, and can even help get rid of fears and phobias. You can teach your children this technique and they will have a fantastically useful tool they can use for the rest of their lives! Teenagers and students will find it great to help with all kinds of stress too.

Exercise is a very important and effective way of relieving stress for adults and children. If you exercise your body uses up all those stress hormones circulating in your blood. The vigorous movement of all your major muscle groups uses up excess cortisol. Cortisol is the main hormone your adrenal glands produce when you are faced with stressful events.

A very effective, if somewhat unusual, stress management technique is to play Baroque music into a particular acupuncture point. This is a great one for children. Find out how here.

If you've never tried yoga before, I can strongly recommend it. It is a great form of exercise and also very relaxing. Yoga can be done by anyone, young and old. It is very gentle and also very strengthening for mind and body.

The Emotional Stress Relief technique can be done quickly and easily, wherever you happen to be. You can do it on yourself. It is also easy to do for other people when they are feeling stressed. Your children and teenagers will find this an easy one to do at school or college. It is especially useful if they are having trouble with any of their school work.

There are many flower essences which can be used for stress relief. They are easy to take and you can carry them around with you. Flower essences can be taken by every member of your family. You will find there are ones that are appropriate for all kinds of stressful situations.

Biofeedback is a stress relief technique which uses a machine which feeds back to you what is going on inside your body. It helps you to relieve stress because it teaches you exactly what you are doing to stress yourself and how you can reduce those stress signals. When I was very stressed in my teens, I found biofeedback one of the most effective ways of becoming more relaxed.

If you are looking for a program to follow which provides stress relief, then the Sedona Method is really worth trying. It comes as a series of CDs and/or DVDS which provide you with a simple but profound technique to help you let go of thoughts and feelings which upset and stress you. The program helps you to apply this technique to many different areas of your life.

For a really relaxing, wonderful smelling way to relax and relieve stress you could try aromatherapy. It can be used in many different situations and is beneficial for the whole family from babies to grandparents.

Here is a list of other stress relief techniques to try:

Body mind dialogue
Drinking water to relieve stress

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