Stress Relief for Parents - Developing a relaxed parenting style

Stress relief for parents strategies can make a lot of difference to your parenting experience. Being a parent is one of the most rewarding experiences it is possible to have in life. The deep love and concern you feel for your children can lead to a selflessness which rarely happens in any other type of relationship. However, at times it can also be one of the most stressful experiences you will ever have.

When you first have a baby, it is a life changing, amazing time and you are completely wrapped up in caring for the needs of this little being. So wrapped up that is easy to forget and neglect your own needs. This is completely natural and as it should be. Although we tend to think that moms’ lives are the most affected by the arrival of a baby, don't forget that dads’ lives are profoundly changed as well. Using stressfree baby tactics can make this time in your child’s life as easy as possible for all of you and provide the best possible stress relief for parents and babies.

As your child grows the demands change but remain equally intense. A toddler is a fireball of energy, and requires almost constant attention. Those moments during the day when your toddler is asleep become precious. It is easy to spend them trying catch up on housework and other tasks, rather than resting and taking care of yourself. Even if you have older children who are not at school, a regular rest time for everyone can make all the difference to your day. Also, stressfree toddler toddler strategies can make a real difference to how much you enjoy your toddler.

The housework can always wait. Developing a relaxed attitude to housework while your children are young is a sanity saving approach to life. After all, who’s going to remember all those hours of housework when your children are grown? Not your children, and probably not anyone else either. What they will remember, and love you for, is the love you gave, your relaxed approach to life, the games you played with them and the fun you had. A relaxed attitude in life provides true stress relief for parents.

It is amazing, when you look back, how fast your children move out of the toddler stage and into early childhood. The older they get the easier parenting becomes in some respects. Usually it becomes less intense and more straightforward. Communication becomes easier, your child is more independent and can do more for himself. However, as in all relationships, this does not mean that there will not be stressful times along the way. Doing everything you can to help your children deal with their stresses will make all your lives less stressful.

Once your children move into their teen years, you enter a whole different ball game in parenting. In some ways, this can be the most challenging period in your parenting. It is definitely easier to manage some children, as they become teenagers, than others. And there is no doubt that this a time when every parenting skill you possess is going to be stretched and have to grow and develop. Learning assertive communication skills can make a tremendous difference to how you relate to your teenager. The teenage years are a most rewarding time as well. Watching your child become an adult, and knowing that you have had a hand in the adult they are becoming, is very exciting.

Of course, while you are parenting your children and putting in place some stress relief for parents strategies, there are lots of other things going on in your life. Dealing with other aspects of life does not stop just because you have children. And some of these aspects can also be the cause of stress.

Maintaining a good relationship with your spouse is essential in so many ways. One of the basics of a good relationship is communication. When you are communicating well with each other it makes it easier to sort out any problems as soon as they arise. Don’t let having children get in the way of showing your love for each other. Remember that your children will learn to express love from watching the way you express love to them and to your spouse. Giving and receiving love and physical affection is also a very important way of regulating stress. Physical contact and verbal communication are both essential tools in your stress relief for parents toolbox.

When you are stressed it is very easy to let anger take control. Being stressed inevitably leads to an increased tendency to get angry and you will have fewer emotional resources at your disposal to deal with you anger. Learning about anger management and getting some effective anger management techniques under your belt will help you to control your anger before it starts controlling you.

Work and money are often sources of stress in family life. Even if you love your job, coping with the demands of working life and managing the needs of your family at the same time can be challenging. If money is tight, this creates stresses and problems of its own. Of course, there are strategies available to help you cope. Learning to manage your money well is one of the skills in life which can make all the difference between having enough money to go round or always feeling stressed about it.

Being as healthy as possible can really help to make parenting easier. Acheiving optimal health is a very important part of your stress relief for parents program. Make sure that you eat well, get some exercise and enough sleep to help you build stress resistance. Eating well is so important. I have spoken to many mothers who often to cook a meal for their children and then just eat their leftovers rather than having a proper meal themselves. Mealtimes are an important part of family life and children learn good eating habits from their parents. So, as well as being healthy for you, it is healthy for your children to see you sitting down and eating a meal with them every day. That means sitting round a table and having time to chat about the events of the day, not sitting in front of the television with plates on your laps!

When you have children keeping your own social life going makes life more fun and, often, easier. You may find that your social relationships change. Meeting up with other parents who have young children tends to be easier than getting together with work colleagues or single friends. People who don’t have children may not always be very understanding about the demands of young children unless they love kids. So to really enjoy socializing with old friends who don't have children you may have to find a babysitter or invite them over when the kids are in bed.

Socialising with other families can provide:

• Emotional support from people who understand the demands of parenting
• Childcare – you can take it in turns to take care of each others’ children
• Playmates for your children
• A shoulder to cry on and someone to share the joys of child raising.

All of these things can be important stress relief for parents strategies to have in place. Not only for those times when you are really stressed but also for the fun and enjoyment of sharing your life with friends and family.

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