Stress Relief for Children - How To Help Your Child Relax

This section is all about stress relief for children. Children suffer from stress as much as adults, it’s just that the causes of their stress tend to be different. Whatever the causes, the effects of stress on children, physically and emotionally, are the same as on adults.

So what is it that makes your children stressed? I am sure you can come up with many answers to that question. The lives of many children are so busy and full that they almost need their own personal Filofaxes to cope with all they have to do.

For a start off, the majority of children go to school. The stresses arising from school include:

- social relationships - school work - homework - relationships with teachers - bullying

Is your child having a hard time at school?

If your child is struggling at school and becoming seriously stressed then you might like to look at the option of home education or home schooling. It is possible to home educate and work part time. It just takes a bit of juggling and willingness to exchange childcare with friends and relatives. Home schooling can provide serious stress relief for children.

Outside school children can be stressed by:

- poor relationships between parents
- sibling rivalry
- too many after school activities
- not having time to hang out with friends
- too little time to play
- too much television or watching unsuitable programs
- too much time on computers and video games
- not enough quality time with mum and dad

What can you do to help your child relax?

You can provide times for your child to play and relax. Play provides stress relief for children. It is also gives them the opportunity to come to terms with things in their lives that are causing them problems. It is really important not to underestimate the role that play has in your child’s life. Just because he goes to school does not mean that he gets enough play in his school breaks. The playground can be a rough place for many children, which doesn’t always supply satisfactory play opportunities. These days, with the heavy emphasis on school work in many schools, breaks are often only long enough to go to the toilet and have a quick drink, or eat lunch. So the opportunities for play can be extremely limited.

Alongside play, finding other ways to provide stress relief for children can make all the difference between your child thriving or just surviving. These can include:

• meditation and visualisation
• games and fun
• exercise
• talking and sharing

• eating well
• massage
• music
• stories
• help with anger management
• developing self-esteem
• love, hugs and appreciation
• yoga

For a list of helpful and easy relaxation techniques to use with your child click here.

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