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As your child enters his teenage years, techniques to provide stress management for teens become even more essential for him and stress relief techniques are equally necessary for you.

Bringing up a teenager is one of the most challenging and rewarding times in your life as a parent. The challenges will also change depending on what stage of development your teenager is in.

He will be striving for his independence. He wants to be treated as an adult. Yet he is still a child in many ways. He still needs your love and attention. He still needs some limits and boundaries. He will be experiencing the effects of large amounts of hormones circulating in his body and the many changes these bring.  He may be moody and changeable.

Teenage stress management strategies

There are many ways that you can help to create effective stress management strategies for your teenager.

• Good communication between you and your teenager is a fantastic stress management for teens tool and will make this stage much easier to handle.

• Teaching your teenager to take care of himself helps him to develop self-respect and become more independent. Eating well, good personal hygiene, exercise are all important stress management tools.

• As a parent making sure that you take care of your own emotional needs is very important. You cannot be there effectively for your teenager if you are struggling emotionally yourself.

• It is necessary to find ways to help your child deal with the new challenges he will face at different stages of his teenage years. These challenges include learning to handle relationships, sex, alcohol, drugs, staying out late, etc

• Encourage your teenager to actively manage his own stress. You can do this by being a good role model and managing your own stress well. And you can help your teenager to learn useful stress management techniques.

Overall, being the parent of a teenager can be one of the most wonderful stages of parenting but that is not to say it won’t be demanding and tough at times.

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