Using the Sedona Method to Let Go of Your Stressful Feelings

The Sedona Method comprises a series of DVDs in a program called “Freedom Now”. The DVDs contain exercises that help you to let go of feelings, issues or anything that has become associated with an emotional charge for you. These exercises are simple and extremely powerful. Used regularly, they are very effective in reducing the strength of uncomfortable or disturbing feelings. For this reason this is a system that can really help you to reduce your stress levels.

I must admit that, when I started using it, I was quite sceptical. I did not believe that it would have any real or lasting effect on me. However, I was proved wrong and found that, by persistently listening to the tapes, some profound shifts in my stress levels began to take place. This was quite subtle and unnoticeable to begin with but after a while, I noticed that I was feeling less stressed and more peaceful, more of the time.

It is important to use the tapes regularly. It does not work to listen to each of the tapes just once. The method works by reprogramming the mind and encouraging it to let go of old patterns and this can happen only with repetition. Most of us have spent many years repeating patterns of behaviour and thinking thoughts that reinforce these patterns. So we cannot expect them to change without a certain amount of application and focus. I love the this program and I have found it really effective for changing many of my entrenched patterns.

I have not personally come across a program that compares with The Sedona Method and I highly recommend it. Not only, can it help you to totally change your stressful feelings it can also benefit you in all areas of your life.

This program is most beneficial for adults and older teenagers to use. It is too in depth for younger teens and children to really understand or enjoy.

If you would like to find out more the resource list below will help you.


Book: The Sedona Method – Your Key to Lasting Happiness, Success, Peace and Emotional Well-Being by Hale Dwoskin. Publisher: Sedona Press, 2003. ISBN 0-9719334-1-3

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