Relaxation Techniques for Children

Relaxation techniques for children are an essential part of your family stress relief program. Your kids will benefit from having time with you where the emphasis is on quiet, relaxing time. So much of life is busy and full of constant activity or, conversely, sitting in front of passive entertainment - computers, TV, video games, hand held computer games, etc. Children benefit as much as adults from having a time in their day which is set aside as a calm, peaceful oasis. The added benefit is that, by encouraging your children to relax, you will be getting some extra relaxation too.

There are a wide range of relaxation techniques for children available. Some of the ones I list below are well known and others are a little more unusual. You will also find that some are the same as those for adults and teens. However, children often need these techniques adapted according to their age so I have adapted them accordingly. There are also some techniques which are specifically designed to appeal to children. Click on the links below for ideas to help your children relax.

Children especially love ideas that appeal to their imaginations. You know your child better than anyone else, so be adventurous and adapt ideas you both like to suit him or her better.

Take some time to explore the links with your kids and see what you, and they, think would be helpful for them. If one technique does not seem effective, try some others until you find one that works well for your child. Everyone is different and what one person finds relaxing another can find does nothing for them at all. So experimentation is the key.

I will be adding new ideas regularly, so please come to see what's new or sign up for my RSS feed.

Body talk exercise

Classical music relaxation

Mum and Me Time

Dad and Me Time

The Emotional Freedom Technique


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