Nutrition and Stress - What You Eat Can Stress You or Relax You

Nutrition and stress are strongly related. Eating foods that are bad for you can make you feel more stressed. Choosing foods that are good for you will make you feel more relaxed and at ease in yourself.

You’ll find a lot of information available in the media about how important a healthy, balanced diet is if you want to feel and look good. However, you may not find so much information about the big impact what you eat and drink can have on your stress levels.

The average Western diet contains large amounts of caffeine, sugar, processed carbohydrates, bad fats, protein and alcohol. All of these 'foods' will increase your stress in one way or another. Click here to see how these foods affect you and your family.

Eat a diet filled with foods that provide anti-stress nutrition and your stress levels will go down. Eating high energy foods can make all the difference. There are also vitamins and other supplements which can play a big role in improving your nutrition and reducing your stress levels.

Using a good stress relief diet is very helpful. This can include using a good detox plan. You can also try using herbal stress relief. And making your diet caffeine free is a good idea if you want to be more relaxed.

Nutrition is also important for reducing stress in children. A healthy diet is even more necessary for children than for parents. This is because as children grow their bodies are constructed out of the food they eat. If this food is healthy and nutritious then it follows that

  • their immune systems will be strong,
  • their bones will be dense and well-formed
  • they will have more energy
  • their brains will be well nourished
  • their emotions will be more balanced.

There are also many good supplements and vitamins specially designed for children which can be used as well as a good diet to fill in any gaps in nutrition owing to fussy eating or illness. However, supplements cannot make up for eating a poor, low nutrition diet.

Stress can also have an effect on how easy you find it to lose weight. If you eat the right foods to reduce your stress you will also find that weight loss will be a lot easier.

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