Baroque Music Therapy - Mozart and Handel are here to help!

One effective, if somewhat unusual way of relaxing, is what I call Baroque Music Therapy. It works by playing music into a particular acupuncture point called Conception Vessel 6 (CV6). You will find this point midway between your navel and pubic bone.

Baroque Music has been shown to have a very relaxing effect on the body. Research has found that it has a clear effect on heartbeat. pulse rate and that breathing slows down when listening to it.

This type of music has also been found to improve memory and capacity to learn. The 60 beat per minutes of Baroque music stimulates both sides of the brain.


1. Buy a pair of the type of headphones that are designed to hook over your ears and have flat sponge covered ear pieces.

2. Plug the headphones into your MP3 or CD player.

3. Choose a piece of Baroque music such as Mozart or Handel.

4. Place the sponge part of the headphones face down onto your CV6 point - the point halfway between your navel and the highest point of your pubic bone.

5. Switch on your player. You will only be able to hear the music very faintly or even not at all but this doesn't matter. Your body will be 'hearing' the rhythm and that's what has the relaxing effect.

6. Just lie back and relax for 15 minutes.

You will find that this method deeply relaxes you without you having to do anything except lie down and close your eyes.

The sleepy technique for kids

This technique is great for children too, especially if they have trouble sleeping. They generally think it is quite funny playing music into their bodies and they like the opportunity to choose the piece of Baroque music that gets played into their "sleepy" point.

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