Music for Children

Do all you can to include more music for children in their everyday life. Children generally find music both fun and relaxing. It’s lovely to watch them moving and dancing to rhythmic music. Singing songs with parents and friends gives children a chance to share and connect. Soft music for children can be soothing and help to induce sleep. I have heard of a tribal society where parents create a unique song for their unborn child; they sing it throughout the pregnancy and when the child is born that song is the one they hear when they are going to sleep and when any important events happen in their lives.

Small children especially love songs and rhymes and will happily sing them with you over and over again. Music can encourage children to learn their numbers and letters. Learning the alphabet seems to be easier when it is sung than when it is said. So you may want to use music to help your child learn and make their learning more enjoyable. Using songs along with everyday activities such as brushing teeth or getting dressed will make it more fun for the child to accomplish these tasks.

Even if you are not musical yourself, there are still so many ways that you and your children can have fun with music:

• Singing together – how about making a collection of songs that your family enjoys singing. You’ll find it invaluable when you are travelling in the car and have bored children going crazy in the back seat.

• Dancing is fun whatever age you are. Your baby will love to be held while you dance around; your toddler loves it when you dance with him and swing him around; your older child will feel special if you take time to dance with her; you may have to stop for a while when your child is a teenager as they are more likely to find you embarrassing than fun!

• Playing games. No need to wait for a party to play musical statues or Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush. Try this site for a collection of free music and songs for kids, some of them are great for inventing games to play. If you find music you really like the site gives you links so that you can go buy it.

• Learning an instrument. As long as your child wants to learn to play an instrument, this can be a really rewarding experience which could last them a lifetime. More often than not, children take up an instrument and then get bored and drop it after a while. So expect to spend a fair amount on music lessons (they don’t usually come cheap) and be prepared for your child possibly losing interest.

• Experimenting with percussion instruments such as drums, tambourines, shakers, etc. This is great fun. You can create your own orchestra with objects from the kitchen such as pans, spoons, plastic bottles filled with beans, etc.

• Going to hear live musicians play. If you and your children love music, there is nothing like listening to music played live. It does not need to be expensive. You can find buskers on street corners, bands playing in bandstands and sometimes free concerts in the park on weekends. You may also find some very inexpensive shows by new musicians who charge very little in order to get an audience to come and listen to them.

• Joining a musical group aimed at preschool children or older. A little bit of searching in your local newspaper or on the internet will reveal a whole host of groups providing music for children. Music of all sorts for children of all ages.

• Listening to music on the radio, computer or on CDs - there are some seriously fun music for children CDs available, with all kinds of catchy and engaging songs with amusing lyrics. I have put a list of ones I and my kids like below to get you started. Then go and have fun with your kids creating your own collection.

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