Mum and Me Time

For children, having mum and me time - quality time with mom - is a relaxing and life enhancing. Knowing that they have your full attention for a period of time makes your children feel loved and special. The bonus is that it will make you feel loved and special as well! So it’s relaxation for you too – what could be better?

There are lots of things you can do together in mum and me time. For guaranteed fun and relaxation combined, take time to play with your children. Find some good games which you can play together, preferably without the stress of winning or losing. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Co-operative games These are great because they are played for fun – no competition involved. Some suggestions are: sardines, hide and seek, hiding something small and giving them clues to find it,

Board games For older children you could teach them to play board games such as chess or draughts. If you don’t know how to play you could learn together. This is a good site that teaches you how to play and allows you to play together when you’ve learnt how.

Imaginary games Children love it when you join in on their imaginary games. It’s a bit like doing drama only they are in charge!

Get creative Building with construction toys, making things from a kit or from junk, painting, using clay, sewing, gardening – all these activities will engage and relax your child.

Other things you can do during mum and me time:

Reading together. If you are reading together for relaxation then it will generally be more relaxing for your child if you read to them. Reading to your child also has many other benefits such as helping them to read well themselves, creating opportunities for communication and learning and, also, increasing your child’s attention span.

Sharing a TV program. This means that choosing one to watch together, either on the TV or on a DVD, and discussing it with your child as you watch or when it is finished. It will increase your child’s enjoyment if s/he feels that you are fully engaged in the program you are watching together.

Cooking. This is a lovely activity to do together. It is messy, creative and tasty all at the same time. If you decide to make a meal together, then the whole family gets to eat it at the end and you have had fun doing something together that may normally be a bit of a chore if you do it on your own. As an added benefit your child is learning a valuable skill.

Going for a walk. Going for a walk together provides relaxation, exercise, time to talk and to let off steam. After a busy day at school, a walk in the park or the countryside is an ideal time for you and your child to reconnect, share the events of the day and have some playtime in the fresh air. If the weather is fine, you could take a picnic with you.

I am sure that once you get into the habit of having dedicated mum and me time with your children you will think of many more things you could do together for fun and relaxation.

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