Fun Games for Children

Finding fun games for children to play is part of creating a good stress relief program for your family. Playing games with your children will make them feel loved and happy. And a child who feels loved and happy will be a child who deals with the everyday stresses of life more easily. That goes for you too – playing with your kids will increase your sense of wellbeing and make you more relaxed as well. So have some fun together!

More than fun

Playing with your children isn’t just for fun, it also gives you opportunities to help your children develop their communication and negotiating skills and their physical and mental capabilities. However, be careful not to use playing time with the intention of teaching them or you’ll quickly put your children off playing with you!

What to play

The range of fun games for children and for you to play together is only limited by your imaginations. The possibilities are endless; here are a few ideas:

• Board games
• Card games
• Physical games
• Ball games
• Mental games
• Guessing games
• Imaginary games
• Games on paper
• Going to the playground

Have fun!

Make the emphasis on fun when choosing what you want to play. Set aside time for playing so that your children know that you will be giving your whole attention to them and you won’t be distracted by anything else. Give them a choice on what sort of game they want to play. If they can’t agree, then at each playtime, a different child can get to choose what you play.

Wide age ranges?

Playing with children of a wide age range can limit your choices a bit. However, with a bit of patience and willingness it is usually possible to include younger children in older children’s games. Also, older children will often willingly join in a game that younger children are playing and make it more interesting for everyone. Imaginary games, going to the playground and physical games are the easiest to adapt to playing with children of different ages. If you do have children of very different ages (or even if they are similar ages), you might find that sometimes it is best to give each of them separate playtime with you, so that you can tailor the play to what suits each child best.

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