Flower Essences for Stress Relief

Flower essences are an easy quick fix for stress. They help to take the edge off stressful feelings and make them easier to cope with. You can carry them around with you and use them whenever you feel the need. To use them you simply put a few drops under your tongue.

Flower remedies have been around for a long time. The first well known ones were the Bach Flower Remedies developed by Dr Edward Bach. He created a set of 38 remedies which are effective for relieving all kinds of stressful emotional and spiritual states.

Flower remedies are generally made in one of two ways:

The Sun Method – this method is undertaken by floating the flowers in a clear glass bowl filled with natural spring water. The bowl is left in direct sunlight for a period to time, then the flowers are strained out of the water and the resulting energised water is mixed half and half with brandy.

The Boiling Method – in this method flowering twigs are boiled in spring water for half an hour. After they have cooled, the twigs are removed, and brandy is added to the water as a preservative. Flower remedies are taken as drops, on or under the tongue, normally two drops 3-4 times a day but can be taken more often than that if needed. If the alcohol, used to preserve most flower remedies, does not agree with you, you can make up a 30ml dropper bottle (easily bought from most chemists) with mineral water, two drops of the flower remedy from the stock bottle and a teaspoon of cider vinegar or vegetable glycerine as a preservative. Do not keep bottles you make up for longer than one month.

There are now many different types of flower remedies. Amongst the most well known are:

• Australian Bush Flower Essences
• Master’s Flower Essences
• Flower Essence Services (FES)
• Flowers of the Orient
• Petite Fleur
• Korte Phi Essences
• AUM Sanjeevni Himalayan Essences
• Bach Flower Remedies

A great set of essences that I have found very helpful are the Combinations for Self Treatment which you can find at Crystal Herbs. For help with stress and fear the most powerful remedies are Relaxation, Inner Calm, Sleep, Strength and Wellbeing and Trusting Life. Of the Bach Flower Remedies, the ones that are most helpful for fear and stress are:

Mimulus for fear of specific things such as spiders or heights
Aspen for more generalised fear which you cannot necessarily explain
Agrimony for churning thoughts and restlessness at night
Cherry Plum for desperation, fear of losing control and hysteria
Elm for feeling overwhelmed and inadequate
Olive for complete exhaustion
Red Chestnut for when you feel anxious about other people
Vervain for inability to relax and sleeplessness
White Chestnut to calm worries and uncontrollable thoughts.

A good remedy for any seriously stressful situation is Rescue Remedy which is a combination of five different flower remedies.

Amongst the Australian Bush Flower Essences, I would recommend

Black-Eyed Susan - this is a remedy for when you feel the need to be busy all the time, always trying to ‘get there’ and feeling impatient. It helps you to slow down and find some inner peace.
Boronia – for the obsessive thoughts that often accompany stress.
Macrocarpa – this remedy is good for giving your adrenal glands a boost when you feel run down and worn out.

In the Flower Essence Services (FES) range, you could use:

Aloe – for burnout, when you have ignored your own emotional and physical needs in order to achieve your goals. Will help to make you feel rejuvenated and re-energised.

Corn – this one is good if you find living in towns and cities stressful. Helps you stay centred and grounded.

Chamomile – this helps if you are feeling easily upset and irritable. It alleviates tension and brings a feeling of steadiness and calm.

Mountain Pride – for difficulty in coping with things you find challenging. Can help to give you the courage to move forward with what you want to do.

Tiger Lily – if you tend to be competitive and hostile, this is the one for you. Allows you to develop qualities of inner peace and harmony so that you can communicate and co-operate with others more effectively.

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