Declutter and Organize

Why declutter and organize your life? Because one major cause of stress is having muddle and confusion in your life. There can be different reasons for this chaos and confusion.

Clutter and Untidiness

If your house is untidy, your important papers are all over the place and you cannot find the children’s reading bags on Monday morning, you are hardly likely to feel relaxed and in control of your life. If you possess so much stuff that your shelves are stacked to the top, your drawers are overflowing and you are tripping over things in the hallway then your mind won’t have much room for the freedom and space that lead to a more peaceful way of life.

If you take time to declutter and organize your environment. you will provide yourself with serious stress relief. Take some time to sort through your possessions and decide which ones are worth keeping and which ones can be sent to the charity shop or for recycling. This will make a massive difference to the way you are able to function in your everyday life.

Alongside your declutter and organize process, another source of stress it is helpful to address is:

Lack of Routine

Having a routine built into your day, helps you to get things done and achieve more. Without a routine it is easy to drift through your day having got very little done. Whether you have to go to work, work from home or are a full time parent, creating a routine will help you and your family to lead a more relaxed and productive life.

Family life means that a routine has to take into account the needs of a number of different people. It may be that your routine will involve your children in the morning before they go to school (or all day if they are home educated or too young to go to school); will involve only you in the middle of the day and then will include your children and partner in the later afternoon and early evening. Sitting down together with everyone and sorting out the parts of the routine that involve the whole family will help to create a weekly timetable that works for all of you. Then, if you have time on your own, you can create a routine for yourself for those times.

A routine doesn’t have to be rigid, times can be built in which are left open for what everyone feels like doing at the time, either together as a family, or on their own. It can be worth investing in a family calendar which has a column for each member of the family. This lets you see, at a glance, what everyone is meant to be doing on any particular day.

A routine can also help you solve the problem of:

Lack of Focus

If you work from home or are a full time parent, it is so easy to become distracted from the things that you really want to achieve. Do you have some tasks you would really like to get done but somehow never have the time to do? Do you start things and leave them unfinished? This can be one of the very frustrating aspects of family life. There is often so much going on that your mind is used to being distracted. So when you do have some time to focus on something, you find it hard to settle down and get on with anything.

A routine can help you to find times that you can set aside to work on your chosen tasks. Then you need to find ways to help you make the most of that time. Using goal setting can be very helpful for this. If you have set yourself a clear goal, then when you have the time to yourself, you know exactly what you need to do next. Try using an effective goal setting process to help you make big strides in achieving what you want.

So to sum up:

- Declutter and organize
- Develop a routine
- Give yourself a definite focus for each day

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