Using a baby sling for a relaxed baby

What are the benefits of carrying your baby in a baby sling?

For the baby:

1. The baby is close to you where s/he feels safe and protected. S/he can hear your heartbeat. This is the sound s/he would have heard in the womb. The sound s/he associates with the warmth and comfort of s/he had when s/he was inside you.

2. As you walk around and carry out your daily activities, the baby is lulled by your movements. S/he sleeps soundly and wakes gently, knowing that mom or dad is right there.

3. The continual closeness to you and the movements of your body are very soothing and relaxing for your baby. His/her digestion works better. Bubbles of air move up and out easily so there is less chance of colic.

For parents:

1. You can get on with your chores and other activities knowing that your baby is right there with you.

2. You are constantly in touch with your baby and aware of his/her needs. If a nappy needs changing or your baby needs feeding, you know right away.

3. You will get to know your baby and what s/he does and doesn’t like much more quickly and intimately than if you leave him/her sleeping in a cot.

4. When you want to go out, you don’t have to heave heavy pushchairs into the car. You can just take your baby out of the sling and put him/her straight into the car chair. When you arrive at your destination, your baby goes back into the sling and off you go. The only use I found for a pushchair, until my babies got too big for me to carry them easily, was to put shopping in! Pushchairs do make great shopping trolleys.

5. Another really important benefit of a sling is that it allows dads, as well as mums, to spend time being really close to their babies.

6. If mum wants to go out for a while, dad will be able to keep the baby content and relaxed for much longer using a sling. He will also be able to get on with some of his own activities at the same time.

Choosing a baby sling

There are many different varieties of slings available, so many more than when my kids were young. I wish I'd had such a large choice. For this reason, you will probably find you need to try out a number of different ones to see which ones suit you best. You may want two different slings, one for when you are out shopping or walking and another when you are doing housework or working at home. Each sling has its advantages and disadvantages which make them more useful and/or comfortable in some situations than others.

This page will give you an idea of the range available with reviews from parents to help you choose what is right for you.

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