Anger Management

Anger management is important in relieving stress because anger is one of the very strong underlying causes of stressful feelings. If you find yourself getting angry frequently, whether you express it or keep it under control, then you would definitely benefit from some anger management techniques.

It is perfectly normal to get angry at times. It is an inevitable part of being a human being. It is what you do with your anger that makes the difference between anger ruling you or you ruling it.

Buddha says, “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” This is so true. When you get angry, all those really uncomfortable feelings almost literally burn inside you and beg to be let out because they feel so bad. However, if you let them out by being verbally or physically aggressive towards someone else, then you may get rid of some of your anger but you will probably end up feeling guilty which is equally uncomfortable! For the sake of the people in your life, and even more for your own sake, learning to deal with your anger in a more peaceful way is so helpful.

When you are angry it clouds your vision and you do not see the object of your anger clearly. If one of your children has done something that you don’t like and you get angry, you stop seeing your child as a person that you love. Instead an element of hate creeps in and then you feel justified in treating him or her as an enemy. It becomes easy to shout; to swear; to be insulting; even to push or smack. Once your anger has calmed down, you may wonder what on earth made you behave like that but while you were angry it all seemed perfectly okay.

Losing your temper with your partner can be even worse because when you are angry with another adult, it can feel alright to let rip more than you would with a child. It may end up with shouting matches, physical abuse, throwing things, stamping out of the house, driving away in a furious temper. Not only is this terrifying for your children but it is also dangerous to yourself and others.

So although anger is unavoidable at times, it is really necessary to take steps to control how you express it. You can learn to control it through anger management techniques. And if the descriptions above ring true for you, then I encourage you to take some serious steps to learn to manage your anger better. It will make you and your family a lot happier and it will relieve some of the stress in your life.

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